Playing a game

Now that you’re able to run a game using a valid YATAGE world file, it can be played.

When starting a game, you will be first shown various information about the world being played on (you can show it again later anytime using the intro action).


Extra information may be shown if debug mode is enabled (see Debug mode).

The game itself then begins.


YATAGE implements the typical game loop of text adventure games (we’ll not get into details here), it thus excepts you to type the action to perform next.



Examine the current room.


Show the introductory text that is displayed when starting the game.


Exit the game.

go <exit> or merely <exit>

Travel to the direction <exit>.

Examples: go entrance or entrance

inventory or inv

List items currently in inventory.


Show help about all available actions.

help <action>

Show help about the specific action <action>.

Example: help drop


look <item>

Examine item <item>. May be either an item in the current room or in the inventory.

Example: look security card

take <item>

Take item <item> from the current room and put it into the inventory.

Example: take security card

take all

Take all items from the current room and put them into the inventory.

drop <item>

Remove the item <item> from the inventory and drop it into the current room.

Example: drop security card

drop all

Remove all items from the inventory and drop them into the current room.

use <item>

Activate or apply item <item>. Item must be present in inventory.

Example: use security card


Those are available if debug mode is enabled (see Debug mode).

spawn <item>

Spawn a new item identified by <item> into the inventory.

Example: spawn security card

destroy <item>

Destroy item identified by <item> in the inventory.

Example: destroy security card

destroy all

Destroy all items in the inventory.

tp <room>

Teleport the player to the room identified by <room>.

Example: tp Building hall

Good luck! Remember you can exit the game anytime.

You’re now ready to create your own games!