Citing staticjinja’s documentation, “most static site generators are cumbersome to use”. While I fully agree, and while I find staticjinja to be an awesome piece of software, there’s still some gaps here and there that needs to be filled in order to be able to generate a static website that will actually be ready for real world usage.

staticjinjaplus try to fill these gaps, while still being built on staticjinja and its philosophy: keep it simple, stupid. Note staticjinjaplus is opinionated: choices have been made to cover some use cases, but not all. This is not your average static site generator.


All of staticjinja’s features, plus:

  • Simple, file-based configuration to centralize a handful of configuration values
  • Generic Markdown support (not your usual “pages” or “articles/blog posts” feature)
  • Build improvements
    • Automatically copy static files to output directory
    • Define Jinja and staticjinja initialization parameters in a config file
    • Define webassets bundles to allow CSS/JS concatenation/minification
    • Automatically minify XML (including HTML, RSS and Atom)/JSON output
  • Jinja improvements
    • A few new Jinja globals/filters to make your life easier
    • Autoescape is enabled for XML, HTML, RSS and Atom templates
  • Serve the generated site through a local HTTP server
    • URL rewrite emulation (for HTML files)
    • Custom HTTP error pages emulation
    • IPv6 loopback address support
    • Serve proper MIME type for RSS and Atom files
  • Publish the generated site through rsync over SSH

Planned features

  • Rebuild site on assets/static files change
  • Generic i18n and l10n support (powered by Babel)